Trigger Happy

Running ever such a little bit behind on my MA work, but wanted to give my first post for April! So I’m reposting a poem which was published online last year!

I was directed to the site, ‘weirdyear’ by a professor from Pittsburgh. I was told that it was a good platform to get published on, as they are just that little bit pickier than your average web publisher and they have a simply huge readership.

I was surprised they liked ‘Trigger’ best of everything I sent them, as it is one of my first pieces, but there you are.

When I got the email telling me I would be artist of the week starting 5/8/11 I excitedly put the 5th of August down in my diary, not bearing in mind that the website was American. Therefore, the 8th of May and my first online publication came and went with very little pomp. Probably for the best.

Trigger Happy


Two bullets from one aimless pistol.

Shot through a back door,

Cigarette smoke drifting by the hinges.

Hurled into a night that smells like sweat and smoke and him

And makes my heart jerk.

Makes my hands shake.

Two shots into one night

Leap the fence

Hands to the floor

Shake shake

He draws me up and

We ricochet down one dark street

Firing shouts as we go

We’re young and we do what we want.  

The link to the website below:

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