Reviews: Children & YA

Hello there

This is where I keep my reviews of Children’s books and YA literature! I’ll also be adding a smattering of Picture Books into the mix, as the result of a resolution to get to know that area of publishing better. I mostly review new books but every now and then I’ll throw in a classic!

I work in publishing, so I’ve made the decision not to review books here which I have a solely negative opinion of- but I’ll always be honest and I’ll try my best to be constructive. Reviews are kept here in alphabetical order (by author), and will appear on my homepage in the order I write them!



Cousins, Dave: Gonzo





Gutridge, Alex: No Going Back





Kipling, Rudyard: Kim

Lewis, Gill: Moon Bear

London, Jack: The call of the wild



Marlow, Layn: Too Small For My Big Bed




Pichon, liz: Tom Gates is absolutley fantastic!

Pitcher, Annabel: My Sister Lives on the mantlepiece

Rosof, Meg: There is no dog



Whyman, Matt: The Savages

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