About Me



Hallo hallo and welcome to Well Read Panda!

I’m a Londoner in my early twenties who works as an assistant Editor at a publishing house. I love reading, a good cover, a great story, comics and red pandas. I also like coffee and Simon and Garfunkel, but that’s probably fodder for a different blog.

WellReadPanda is a WordPress blog with links to related content on Tumblr and Pinterest which I hope compliments what I’m trying to say! This blog is all about red pandas, reading and reviews. I made this blog to be a space for me to write my reviews and to interact with other book bloggers so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

 I’m going to try and expand this blog beyond just reviews over the coming months, so watch this space!

So email/ messenger pigeon/ tweet/ comment if you would like me to review a book or if you have any suggestions for blog posts!


Email: wellreadpanda@gmail.com

Twitter: Vickylm09

Tumblr: wellreadpanda.tumblr.com

WordPress :wellreadpanda.wordpress.com


read panda birthday!

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