Reviews: Adult

I’m a strong believer that the best books cross genres, so while most of my reviews will be of Children’s books and YA works, I will review the odd Adult book also.

I was an early reader of Adult books- I wasn’t lucky enough to have the amazing variety of YA books that are around today at my disposal.

I think it is wonderful that there is a vibrant genre that bridges that difficult gap between childhood and adulthood and for many that will dispel the fear that would stop someone from going on to be an adult reader. That Teenagers now have a literary arena where they can see themselves and their own struggles reflected is a great thing. That said, I think it is healthy and important that young adult readers branch out gradually into Adult books (and that ‘adults’ branch out into YA too!).  Fiction allows for total empathy and with that, a challenge to your mentality and imagination which is important, whatever your age.




Banville, John: The Sea



Donleavy, J.P: Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B.




Mantel, Hilary: Wolf Hall 



Jones, Sadie: The Outcast

Kipling, Rudyard: Kim

London, Jack: The call of the wild






Rugasira, Andrew: A Good African Story



Townsend-Warner, Sylvia: Lolly Willowes

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