Review: The Savages by Matt Whyman…mmm


At this year’s Oxford Literary Festival – when asked what’s the secret to a good YA or Children’s book, Whitbread Award winning author Meg Rosoff said simply: “food”.

“I stuff my books with feasts and meal-scenes. Kids can’t get enough of reading about eating” said Rosoff. With The Savages Matt Whyman has proved that kids reading about eating kids makes for a book that’s twice as tasty.

Meet the Savages – a Stepford-style family who pride themselves on having excellent taste… in people. Bound together by a dark and gruesome family tradition rooted in the desperation of the Leningrad Blockade, the family outwardly seem picture perfect… but when Sasha starts dating a boy who doesn’t eat meat, Whyman turns up the heat.

The Savages is a fantastic study in family dynamics, comedy and niche cooking. The trials of parenting and of growing up with different ideas to your family are at the core of this fantastic, wickedly funny book. The novel’s pace is brilliant and the building suspense drives you to devour The Savages whole in one go.

With farcical detectives, violent vegetarians and what has to be the world’s worst boyfriend, the Savages have a lot on their plate.  Matt Whyman’s book is pitch black in humour with a buffet of characters as richly colourful and funny as you could possibly hope for.

Is it strange that it made me hungry?


The Savages is available from June the 6th and is published  by Hot Key Books

Ps. Hot Key Books did a fantastic job on the cover art, and you should most definitely check out Whyman’s image blog… but not if you have a weak stomach…