A new place…

St. Ives

“As I was going to St Ives

I met a man with seven wives

Said he, ‘I think it’s much more fun

Than getting stuck with only one”

– Roald Dahl

My boyfriend has recently returned from New Zealand (Rugby World Cup), India (for Christmas), upped camp from (first) Yorkshire then my place in Exeter and finally settled (for a while) in the beautiful Cornish St. Ives.

While nobody but the two of us seemed to find it as serendipitous and fun that the move happened on St. Pirans day, the fact remained that this past week has marked his initiation into Cornish life, and my own luck at having a base camp in such a cool town. There are older photos of it already on my blog. Psychic.

St. Ives has to be the art capital of the South West, with its own TATE, Barbara Hepworth’s gallery, hundreds of little galleries, venues and a smart music scene.

The lady whose café I’m in just told me that it’s also won ‘Britain in Bloom’. Just think.

So for the next few months I’ll be checking out music, food and painting in this seaside town. It’ll be fun to kit out the new home and get to know a new town. I’ll throw in some reviews, writing, photos and maybe if I improve even a tiny bit, some sketches too. I’ll make scones! Mmm…

Bloomin’ wonderful.