Happy Birthday Well Read Panda!

Happy Birthday to the blog (and to all pandas who also happen to have been born today!)

This time last year I sat down in a cafe in St. Ives and decided to make a blog- to make a space for myself to appreciate the things I read and the animals I love.

In the past year I’ve moved home a few times, finished my MA, had a few different jobs and met many new people (as well as continuing to be lucky enough to hold onto the ones I liked from before).

Thank you to everyone who helped me in the past year. As my work with Felicity Bryan draws to a close at the end of this month I’ll be looking to apply to new places for work and for work experience in the meantime. I’m serious about wanting a hand in the books that get published this year, and next year and the one after that!

Thank you to everyone who has read something on the blog in the past year, and to all that recommended me a book here or there.

And so to another year of reading and becoming a better-read panda!


read panda birthday!

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