The Outcast : not a book to cast out

A very quick post this week, as I am in the midst of my first working week for Felicity Bryan Literary Associates and busy in anticipation of Christmas!

“The Outcast” by Sadie Jones.

I was recommended this book by both Caroline Wood- the Agent at Felicity Bryan who looks after Sadie Jones- and the work’s ever-so-slightly impressive Costa Book First Novel Award (which it won in 2009)!

The novel is slow-paced and while the characters are sometimes caricature-esque in the extremity of their composition (golly what a sentence), ‘The Outcast” is undeniably dramatic- testament to the author’s history as a creator of screenplay.

The Outcast provides its reader with a peek at a world without the therapy or the modern understanding of grieving and child-psychology that so often prevents ostracism and and psychological damage- the harsh reality of a stiff-upper-lip Britain after the Second World War. With romance, loss and a damaged soul for its protagonist, this book has all the lyricism to make you read it voraciously till the end.

A very heavy read indeed: the work could have been counterbalanced with a little irony or even perhaps some humour, but all in all a very satisfying book to devour. Not one for a lonesome evening in though.

The Outcast is published in the UK by Harper Collins and the latest novel by Sadie Jones, “The Uninvited Guests” was published in March of 2012.

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